‘How’ Series

Welcome to the ‘How’ Series –  a 6 part video and download series that takes business owners and managers through the HR process from finding the right people, to developing them, right through to leading them effectively.

The ‘How’ Series provides Practical HR tips on how to build, develop and lead a successful business with a powerful team around you.

Your people are your most important asset and yet for some managing people can be the most challenging part of their job. Did you know that only 25% of employees are engaged at work and that disengaged employees are the biggest drain on productivity?

Employee turnover is costly in terms of time and money, and it can cost a business up to 1.5 times their salary when a valuable employee leaves. The flow on effects of not getting the people side of business right can have a damaging impact on you customers, profitability and your future plans. So it pays to get help when you need it.

This Series is a must watch for every business owner and manager because it provides free advice, resources, and tips to help you make the most of the #1 asset in your business – your people. Make sure you download the bonus HR Toolkit resource with every video so you can start implementing  these tips in your business immediately.

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Watch the step by step 6-part series below and start improving your team’s performance today!

Don’t forget your bonus HR Toolkit accompanying download with every episode so you can implement these tips right away.


How to find the right people for your business.

One of the most common questions I am asked is how can I find or keep good people. In this episode I cover how to make sure you are hiring the right people and how to keep them.


How to engage your people so they become productive employees.

Research shows that Engaged employees are more productive and produce better results for your business. In this episode you’ll learn how to keep employees engaged and productive.


How to manage the first 90 days of employment.

A well-constructed 90-day Induction Plan will provide a roadmap for both parties to follow during this important assessment period. This episode will show you how to make the first 90 days a success.


How to develop your people into STAR performers

By investing time in your people through a structured and well managed development plan you are not only improving their skills and knowledge you are also increasing the value they add to your business.


How to develop your people into a Team.

Once you have good people working for you it’s natural to refer to them as your team. But there is more to a team than just a group of people working together.


How to Lead your team for a successful business.

You’ve got the team, now it’s time to lead! The people in your team look to their leader for guidance, support and direction. In this final episode I’ll explain three success criteria for purposeful leadership.


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