Experience being part of a business podcast.

Experience being part of a business podcast.

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In December 2017 I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Business Essentials for the January 18 edition of their monthly audio program which goes out to owners and managers of SMEs around Australia.

My topic was Finding and Keeping Great People. This was something I was very happy to talk about as I find this is something business owners struggle with and I wanted to share my experience in this area.

Warren Howard, Heather Dawson and Nick Schildberger in the Business Essentials interview booth

Firstly, it was a great experience, the team at Business Essentials are very professional (they are experts in business communications) and they all made me very welcome. Nick Schildberger (MD), Heather Dawson (Executive Producer) and Peter Letts (Director of Audio and Video). Before I knew it we were in the Audio booth and Heather was ready with her list of questions. Despite being in a tiny room surrounded by microphones and sound proofed walls, Heather made the interview surprisingly comfortable. Her questions were well informed, I felt like she must have been talking to business owners as these were the things they want to know about.


They even let me sit at the mixing desk, but with a ‘look but don’t touch’ policy 😉

I’d had time to prepare and I realised how important it is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Heather’s questions made me think beyond the obvious and address the real issues that business owners face in managing people, in their language.

And so the interview started, with the first question: It’s a perennial complaint from small business operators: “why can’t we find and keep good people?” Is it a real problem in your experience? Why? We were off and running. Before I knew it half an hour had passed and with the nod from Pete, it was a wrap as they say in the industry.

It was a great experience working with the BE team and would I do it again? Yes, definitely!

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