The Secret to Accelerating Team Success

The Secret to Accelerating Team Success

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Last week I addressed a breakfast of 80 business owners about how to accelerate team performance.

An often overlooked area is the importance of systems to support your people, yet systems can be the very key to growth. Here’s what I said:

“When I think about Systems I don’t think about flowcharts. I think about performance. I think about people working together.

So, when you are looking at your systems and processes you need to ask yourself: do they help us perform better or are they getting in the way?

Do they help us make better Decisions?
Do they help us be a better Business?
Do they help us get the best out of our People?”

Your systems and processes have only one real job to do and that is to make things work better for your people.

When people are working well together then profit and performance take care of themselves.

Here are the six systems you need to drive team performance:

  1. Compliance. These are the systems that give you the licence to do business. Without these, you don’t have a ticket to the game. Think of HR Policies and Procedures; WHS Compliance and Quality standards;
  2. Productivity. Think operating systems and software. These help you do your job more efficiently.
  3. Management. These are the systems that help you plan, organise and direct your people. Think performance management and feedback.

    These first three systems provide sustainability for your business.

  4. Next is, Collaboration. These are the systems that support teamwork and synergy. It’s how you get the best out of your team. Think projects and information sharing.
  5. Innovation. It’s where new ideas come from. These are the systems you have to encourage creativity and turn ideas into new products.
  6. And, Measurement. These are the systems that keep you on track and help you plan for the future.

These last three systems support your growth.

So together these six systems accelerate your team’s success as well as provide sustainability and growth for your business. Without the right systems you can seriously limit your team’s performance.

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